Susan Panzica

Susan earned her Bachelor of Science degree in economics, with honors, from Rochester Institute of Technology, and her Master of Business Administration from Clarkson University. She earned her personal training certification from the American Council on Exercise, and her CPR/AED certification through the American Heart Association. She also holds a certification in Aquakinetics and a 200-hour yoga instructor certification through Yoga Alliance. Prior to a career in the fitness industry, Susan spent extensive time in the corporate world and in small business ownership. She thrives in her work at the Center, which she finds fulfilling and meaningful.

She keeps workouts fresh, exciting, and challenging by continuously varying her clients’ exercise programs. One of Susan’s specializations includes training women over 40 years of age who have challenges associated with aging. As a former college athlete, she also is skilled at helping men and women exceed their sport-performance goals.

In her free time, Susan likes to cycle and practice yoga. Some of her proudest physical accomplishments include cycling up Whiteface Mountain, completing her 200-hour yoga certification, winning third place in the figure category of the Tri-State Bodybuilding Competition at age 42 (all her competitors were in their 20s), and doing a perfect handstand on the beach in Tulum, Mexico.

With over 30 years of fitness experience, Susan is thrilled to share her vast knowledge with members of all ages and fitness levels. She helps her clients achieve full potential in order to live, laugh, and learn with vital energy.

What’s Susan’s Clients Say:

Personal Trainer Susan is a beautiful person. She is confident, attentive, and compassionate. Susan is a cheerleader who helps keep you focused on your goals. She is encouraging, patient, and calm. Susan makes you feel fearless, like you can accomplish almost anything. She helped me realize I am physically and emotionally stronger than I ever thought. After 16 training sessions, I am grateful, strong, confident, and fearless. I am passionate about the woman I am. Susan helped me become fit and well by sharing her knowledge and talents. For that, I am humbled. Thank you, Susan!

-Diane Albala

I began training with Susan in early April, twice a week. From the beginning, Sue was kind, compassionate, and aware of my limitations. Each week, she would help me push past my prior performance, overcome fears, and raise the bar. We have a lot of fun, and laugh our way through some tough workouts. Her ability to motivate is unmatched. Today, I had my follow-up nurse evaluation. Since working with Sue, I lost more than 2 inches around my waist and increased lean body mass by 7 pounds. I lost 6.4 percent in fat body mass. And we aren’t done yet! I highly recommend working with Sue to get real results.

-Sheila Sullivan

I love working out and keeping fit; however, I felt like my workouts were mundane and uninspiring. I decided to meet with a trainer to freshen up my routine. I was paired with the perfect trainer. I have beginning stages of osteoporosis and wanted exercises to strengthening my spine, hip flexors, etc. Susan understood my needs and designed workouts that helped me achieve this goal. She helped me become stronger and more fit. I felt great after each workout. Susan helped me stay positive throughout my workouts and was very inspiring. I appreciated how she followed up the day after my workouts to see how I felt. I highly recommend Susan. She will help you reach your fitness goals. I enjoyed working with her so much I referred my husband to her. Now, he trains with Susan, too!

-Megan Christie

Before bilateral knee replacement surgery, Susan helped me strengthen my leg muscles in preparation for it. After the surgery and subsequent physical therapy sessions, I reengaged Susan to help ease my way back into the Center. I needed her to craft an engaging, doable plan to get my atrophied leg muscles back in shape. This plan is still unfolding. We are reaching benchmark goals along the way. I expect to return to cycling soon. I am developing the confidence to return to a normal, productive life. I cannot thank Susan enough for all the time, help, and guidance along the way.

-George Jarvis

After extensive shoulder surgery, I completed physical therapy. I needed to get my strength back and lose the post-surgery weight I gained. I decided to train with Susan, who I knew from Cycling class. I needed her for motivation to be at the Center at 5:30am prior to work. Susan took time to evaluate my condition and flexibility, and put together a comprehensive core and weight program to get me back on track. Her high energy levels and enthusiasm are unparalleled. Her knowledge of physiology and muscle mechanics is impressive. We concentrated on core exercises, followed by two-minute cardio bursts after each set. I have been working out most of my life, and thought I knew everything. Yet, I’ve learned much more from Susan. The cardio bursts were exactly what I needed. Several sessions later, I felt more energized and lighter. The variety of different exercises helped me grow stronger. I was able to begin using my shoulder for more intense exercises. I truly appreciate Susan for her knowledge and motivation.

-Dave Cerza

Susan is the best trainer! She is the biggest motivator who challenges you to do your best. I play field hockey in college. This year, we were given a new weightlifting packet to prepare us for a new preseason test with heavier weights. I was very nervous because I rarely lifted weights before. I could barely pick up the 35-pound bar! I started training with Susan in the beginning of the summer. Instead of working straight from my packet, she focused on getting my whole body stronger. By the beginning of August when it was time to return to school, I was able to bench press 75 pounds, which is a huge improvement! My whole body feels so much stronger than it was just a few short months ago. I feel more comfortable about lifting weights. I could not have done it without Susan. She really inspired me to do better. Although the workouts were tough, it all paid off in the end. Susan came up with new moves for me to do each week, which kept things fun instead of being a boring workout. I really loved working with Susan. I am forever grateful for the confidence and progress she helped me achieve. Thank you, Susan!

-Philippa Lumsden

As a Center employee, it is important to me to have my own fitness journey. Last summer, I added personal training to my routine. I was paired with Susan, who I quickly learned was my perfect match. Even at 6:30am, Susan is smiling and ready to go. She challenges me to do my best. She encourages me, even when I feel I cannot go any further. Having Susan by my side throughout my workout is like having my own personal cheerleader! The programs she creates for me are always challenging, fresh, and exciting. I have never done the same workout twice! She explains the exercises, including which muscle groups we are working and why the exercise is important in helping me reach my goals. During the most intense workouts, Susan still can make me smile or laugh. She makes sure the hour we share is extremely productive and enjoyable. After training with Susan for four months, I am doing routines and exercises I never thought possible. She helped me increase my strength and balance beyond measure. More importantly, Susan instilled confidence in me to believe in myself. I look forward to each session with her. If you want a trainer who is knowledgeable, motivating, patient, caring, and hilarious look no further. Susan is truly second to none.

-Rachael Traub

Susan is exactly the trainer I needed. She is cheerful (a real cheerleader!) and thoughtful. Her workouts are always interesting; she explains them happily and with patience. She is careful of my limitations. Susan made a big difference in my ability to work out despite my rotator cuff problem. She helps me go as far as possible without pushing me. I have learned a lot from her and now do a variety of exercises on my own. She taught me a daily yoga sun salutation. We sometimes do that together, and I often do it at home. I look forward to growing stronger and more pain-free through training with Susan.

-Charlotte Bialek

Susan is a wonderful trainer. I have truly enjoyed our sessions together. The combination of her technical skills, extensive understanding of how the human body works, compassionate personality, and strong desire to help reach fitness goals is a winning combination. Susan also has a strong background in yoga; she brings that experience to our sessions. Aside from the core and strength training program she designed for me, Susan adds flexibility and stretching exercises. I have found that to be extremely important in my overall physical health. With Susan’s training, I have made good progress with my fitness goals and expect more to come!

-Mark Tobias

Susan is a true professional. She listens to my goals and helps create a path to reach them. Susan always comes prepared to our fitness sessions, complete with a positive attitude. She is a great motivator and coach. I give her kudos for always keeping me challenged and making progress.

-Alex Christie

When I was paired with Susan as my personal trainer, it was my lucky day. I always was an active person who worked out regularly. However, back-to-back pregnancies made my body unrecognizable. I knew I needed the help of a professional to shed the weight, sculpt my muscles, and motivate me on a weekly basis. Enter Susan Panzica! She saved me! I have been with Susan for 8 months. I lost all the “baby weight.” With her motivation, inventive workouts, attention to my personal goals, patience, and guidance, I successfully lost over one pound each week and countless inches. I lost it the right way through hard work and mindfulness. What cannot be measured on the scale is how Susan helped me improve my mindset. I am focused on getting fit the right way, making my time at the Center (and away from my kids) worth it, and maximizing each workout. Getting fit and working one-on-one with Susan has improved everything in my life, not just my waistline. She’s fun, inspirational, clever, and makes me feel like a rock star!

-Rachel Castaldi

Susan is the best trainer. She is a great motivator who really helps me feel better about my workouts. I’m so grateful for all her help. Thank you and God bless.

-Rose McCarron

I began training with Susan to improve my overall fitness and lose a few stubborn pounds. For years, I exercised on my own, but I felt the need to shake things up a bit. Susan did exactly that. No two workouts are ever the same. Each session incorporates a combination of strength training and cardio bursts. I think Susan has used every piece of equipment at the Center– and all with the right amount of encouragement. Now, I perform exercises I never would have attempted before. I honestly look forward to every workout. I feel so much healthier, fitter, and stronger. Last summer, I wore short shorts for the first time in years. Susan, I can’t thank you enough.

-Tracy Lumsden

Susan is an outstanding trainer! I lost 15 pounds since I started training with her. I never know what to expect during our fitness sessions. Susan is very pleasant. She smiles throughout, even when I whine.
Thank you, Susan!

-Doris F

Recently, I added yoga to my workout regimen. I needed the flexibility and core training it would provide. I had witnessed Susan’s success on the Fitness Floor, so I asked if she would be willing to provide me with one-on-one yoga sessions. It was one of the best things I have done. Her training and teaching has helped increase my core strength and flexibility. Working with Susan is delightful. I see the results of our efforts and love the impact on my overall training and well-being. I can feel the difference.

-Steven Palder

I’ve been training with Susan for almost one year. She customizes each workout to my needs. She uses my feedback to help advance my fitness level. I lost over 15 pounds during this year, and have become stronger and more toned. Susan keeps me motivated to do my best, at the Center and beyond.

-Trupti Patel

I love working with Susan. Her workouts are always well planned, varied, fun, and within my ability. She knows when to make the exercises more challenging. Susan is always positive and encouraging. I never feel uncomfortable or intimidated if I cannot do something. I don’t like to faithfully exercise, but Susan helps me stay committed. I also consider her my friend. Sometimes, I even call her my guru.

-Karen Barmak

Susan is a gifted trainer. Her warm personality quickly put me at ease. I was consistent with my cardio workouts, but wanted to add strength and balance training to my routine. Susan listened to my concerns and assessed my baseline condition. Since then, she has created varied exercise combinations for me. I’m pleased with the results.

-Elyse Pivnick

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