Jeffrey Esakov


Prior to becoming a personal trainer, Jeffrey was a technology consultant. A midlife career change allows him to enjoy helping others reach fitness goals.

Jeffrey earned his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in computer science from Union College and University of Illinois at Urbana, respectively. He earned his Master of Business Administration degree from Rutgers University. He is a certified personal trainer, and certified senior fitness specialist, through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, with CPR/AED certification through the American Red Cross.

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Jeffrey is skilled at working with all age groups and skill levels. He customizes fitness programs to meet each client’s needs and abilities at any given session. His workouts focus on core and stability training, often through Pilates-style movements. He specializes in improving balance and upper body strength.

During his leisure, Jeffrey officiates soccer and lacrosse. He enjoys bike riding. Although he likes running on the soccer and lacrosse fields, Jeffrey still is learning to enjoy jogging as a pastime on its own. He is an avid exerciser who began a regular fitness routine in his forties. A fan of the Special Olympics, he believes in lifelong learning.

Meet with Jeffrey on the Exercise Floor to learn new ways to get fit.

Jeffrey’s Success Stories

Mary Harper

I am not an athlete. I never felt comfortable in a gym. I was intimidated by the rooms full of equipment and young, fit exercisers. My only two attempts ended in failure and pain. After a bad fall and fractured kneecap, I knew I had to work on my balance and strength– and overcome my dislike of the gym environment. Jeff was recommended by a friend who assured me Jeff would understand my concerns, help me gain the confidence needed to enter a gym again, and create an exercise program tailored to my needs. And he did! He devised a carefully calibrated series of exercises on the floor and with the equipment to strengthen my core, and improve my balance and flexibility. Patiently, Jeff explained how and why I should perform each exercise. I appreciated his ability to be kind, friendly, knowledgeable, and funny while always remaining professional. Recently, I learned I have osteoporosis in my hip. Jeff created a series of weight-bearing exercises to address it. We gradually build up the weight and add new exercises twice a week to keep me motivated. Thanks to Jeff’s skills, knowledge, and unusual dedication, I found the confidence to enjoy the Center’s resources and make exercise a regular part of my life.

Greta Nelson

I approached Jeff after being sidelined from my passion for distance running because of a repetitive stress injury. I saw him on the Fitness Floor, and could tell his approach to training was exactly what I needed. My goal was to create a more sustainable base from which to rebuild my running practice. My intuition about the range and depth of Jeff’s knowledge– and my sense of his intelligent, precise methodology– was confirmed and reinforced as I trained with him twice weekly. The result has been incredible. Jeff listens closely to his clients’ goals, assesses their unique needs, and designs personalized programs for each individual. He researched my specific condition and crafted workouts to support my rehabilitation. Our work together was collaborative and dynamic—the perfect supplement to my rigorous (previously imbalanced) regimen. Training with Jeff has been a tremendous benefit to me as an athlete. I know it also has contributed to a proactive approach to my long-term health. I highly recommend this skilled professional.

John Riganati

Jeff is a superb personal trainer. After a stroke in August 2016, I was in Acute Rehabilitation at Princeton Rehabilitation. I had many recommendations from physical therapists and friends for personal training at this Center. I overheard Jeff tell one of his clients he enjoys customizing his training to each person’s infirmities, abilities, and goals. He noted how he feels great satisfaction when his program is successful. Jeff does this for me at each session. He pays careful attention to me and my changing capabilities as I exercise. Jeff has a wide range of knowledge. Interacting with him is a pleasure.

Bob Hale

I started working with Jeff in the Cardiac Rehab Program. He was excellent at helping me feel comfortable as I returned to exercise. I was very impressed with his attention to detail, including checking my blood pressure before and after every session. He was consistently concerned about how I felt throughout the exercises. He explained everything we were doing and the reasons why. Jeff stayed with me throughout the exercise period and monitored my situation. When the rehab phase of my journey was finished, I decided to stay with Jeff as a trainer. He demonstrates those same great qualities in his role as my trainer. I couldn’t be more pleased with Jeff as trainer and mentor. He definitely knows his profession, and is also friendly. It is a pleasure to work with him. Jeff is a huge asset to Princeton Fitness & Wellness. Definitely an A+.

Teresa Sanchez-Lazer

I have been training with Jeff Esakov since June 2014. Working with Jeff and my nutritionist, I changed the composition of my body, swapping fat for lean muscle while losing over 20 pounds. I lost inches from my waist, hips, and other areas. I was able to reduce my blood pressure medication. Most importantly, I feel much better and younger! Jeff helped me address my muscle imbalance and flexibility issues, which were hindering my progress. He is an effective trainer and coach, offering both challenges and encouragement. I recommend Jeff enthusiastically to people who are ready to improve their fitness experience.

Craig Blessing

Jeff helped me revamp a stagnant fitness routine. Now, I exercise better and more efficiently. I also enjoy my workouts more. Training with Jeff helped me get more fit and lose 15 pounds. I love working with him. I highly recommend Jeff.

Bente Ott

When recovering from my hip surgery in 2013, I was on my own after an initial training session. I observed a trainer on the Exercise Floor who always was smiling and helping people. It was Jeff. I asked him to be my trainer. For 32 sessions we have worked together, to great benefit for me. I recommend Jeff to anyone who wants to improve their fitness level.

Dottie Tobia

Several years prior to training with Jeff, I had back surgery for spinal issues that still remained problematic at times. My workouts were boring, and also risky because of my spine’s condition. My goal was to maintain my fitness level without causing further injury. In less than a year of training with Jeff, I was able to maintain—and improve– my level of fitness while simultaneously strengthening the muscles that support my back. Jeff listens to my concerns and structures workouts around my health issues. He has a comprehensive knowledge of physiology. He researches my specific issues before preparing my sessions. At the beginning of each workout, he asks how I feel. Then, he modifies my workout, if needed, based on my reply. He shares detailed information about each exercise and is meticulous about correct form and function. He even follows up to see how I feel the next day.

Jeff always goes that extra step to ensure his clients’ workouts are tailored to their individual needs. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a safe, effective, enjoyable training program!

Bill Hackett

Jeff honestly changed my life! He and I met over the blood pressure cuff at the Center’s trainer kiosk. He saw me checking my blood pressure and asked if I was okay. I told him of my recent heart attack and my effort to get back to working out as I recovered. Jeff suggested the Cardio Rehab Program to target my workouts to get my heart back to 100 percent. In the process of onboarding into the program, he took my blood pressure and listened with a stethoscope. He asked the magic question, “Do you know you have an irregular heartbeat?” He sent me to meet with my cardiologist who was quite impressed a trainer would notice this. It resulted in another cardio procedure to correct the arrhythmia. I am much healthier for it. I completed the cardio program with Jeff, which was great. He tailored my activities to match my progress. He was genuinely interested in my improvement. His attention to detail was terrific. He helped me develop an exercise regimen to target my general fitness while continuing to advance my cardio function. Thank you, Jeff. (Of course, behind every good man is a great woman. Thank you, Sharon, for teaching him everything he knows!)

Chris Coucill

Jeff was recommended to me by a friend who suffers from lower back pain like I do. I learned Jeff also suffered from back pain and was closer to my age than other trainers. He recommended exercises specifically for my scoliosis and partially fused vertebrae. He monitored my every move and eased me into new routines, assuring each exercise helped without hurting. Since training with Jeff, I have not had any spasms, which used to really impact me. It is now clear my former workout routine was doing more harm than good. Jeff helped me get strong without pain. He is punctual, personable, interesting, articulate, and a joy to work with and know.



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