I am not an athlete. I never felt comfortable in a gym. I was intimidated by the rooms full of equipment and young, fit exercisers. My only two attempts ended in failure and pain. After a bad fall and fractured kneecap, I knew I had to work on my balance and strength– and overcome my dislike of the gym environment. Jeff was recommended by a friend who assured me Jeff would understand my concerns, help me gain the confidence needed to enter a gym again, and create an exercise program tailored to my needs. And he did! He devised a carefully calibrated series of exercises on the floor and with the equipment to strengthen my core, and improve my balance and flexibility. Patiently, Jeff explained how and why I should perform each exercise. I appreciated his ability to be kind, friendly, knowledgeable, and funny while always remaining professional. Recently, I learned I have osteoporosis in my hip. Jeff created a series of weight-bearing exercises to address it. We gradually build up the weight and add new exercises twice a week to keep me motivated. Thanks to Jeff’s skills, knowledge, and unusual dedication, I found the confidence to enjoy the Center’s resources and make exercise a regular part of my life.



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