FAQ’s: Frequently Asked Questions and Best Practices to Create a Safe Environment for Members and Our Team of Employees

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Q. Can I freeze my account?
A. We offer the option to freeze your membership using your ‘Freeze Privilege’ for one (1) month up to three (3) consecutive months at a time, for a fee. We understand if you wish to freeze your membership, but please know, we have put into place our Pledge of Protection to ensure confidence in resuming your exercise program safely at the Center. If you are unsure about physically coming into the Center, we now offer a NEW at-home option for Group Fitness classes. As long as your membership remains active, you can participate in this service.

If you have additional questions or need to request a freeze, stop by in-person at the Center, or contact us at:

Princeton: princetoncs@fitnessandwellness.org or 609-683-7888

Plainsboro: csplainsboro@fitnessandwellness.org or 609-799-7777

Safety & Protection

Q. Should members and employees wear gloves?
A. While gloves are optional, we recommend following the CDC guidelines which is to wear gloves when you are cleaning or caring for someone who is sick. It is best for members and employees to concentrate on vigorously washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before and after workouts rather than wearing gloves throughout the facility. Our team of employees will wear gloves when they are cleaning.

Q. How will the new policies and procedures be enforced in the Center?
A. Our staff will be trained to act as “Physical Distancing Ambassadors.” They will hold members accountable for all member policies, procedures, rules, and regulations. They will help maintain safe distancing parameters and will assist with cleaning on the Fitness Floor. The Ambassadors will also correct any member behavior that is in violation of established member policies.

Q. How will distancing guidelines be maintained in the Center?
A. You will notice many measures in place to achieve the advised physical distancing. We have arranged the Fitness Floor to facilitate physical distancing—which required reducing the available cardio equipment for use. Select pieces of cardio equipment have been unplugged and clearly marked to facilitate distancing. Some additional spacing has been provided where needed in the strength training area. Floor markings have been placed in the studios and throughout the facility. Locker rooms have signage and some lockers have been placed out-of-service. Throughout the entire Center there is signage on the walls and floors to remind everyone to practice safe physical distancing.


Q. What are the hours of operation once the Center is able to open?
A. In order to promote a clean and sanitary facility, we have temporarily modified our operating hours. Our initial operating hours will be:

  • Monday–Thursday: 5:00am–10:00pm
  • Friday: 5:00am–9:00pm
  • Saturday & Sunday: 7:00am–5:00pm

Q. Are the locker rooms open?
A. The locker rooms are open, and a limited number of lockers are available for use. The number of lockers available are limited to achieve adequate physical distancing. Members are asked to abide by the physical distancing markers and respect the space of other members. If a member is using a locker, please wait until they leave the area or step aside before trying to use a locker nearby. Please use a disinfectant wipe before and after occupying a locker. Housekeeping will also be sanitizing the lockers throughout the course of the day.

Q. Are the wet areas in the locker rooms open?
A. The sinks, restrooms, and showers are open in the locker rooms. These areas will be cleaned and disinfected regularly throughout the course of the day. In accordance with guidelines from the State of New Jersey, the steam room and sauna will remain temporarily closed, and towel service is temporarily suspended.

Q. Will you still provide towels for use by members? 
A. For sanitary reasons, towel service will be temporarily suspended. Please bring a towel for personal use.

Q. Will drinking fountains be available?
A. Members are encouraged to bring their own water bottles to the Center. The water bottle fillers on the drinking fountains will be available but drinking spouts will be temporarily out-of-service.

Group Fitness

Q. Will Group Fitness classes be available when you open?
A. We will open with a modified Group Fitness schedule and a class reservation system, in compliance with state guidelines. This modified schedule will allow enough time in between classes for cleaning and studio rest. The schedule will be posted on the website and Empower M.E., our member portal. See below on how to reserve a spot in class.

Q. Will there be a limit to the number of people permitted in a Group Fitness class?
A. Yes. To maintain adequate physical distancing and prevent overcrowding, there is a limited capacity for all Group Fitness classes. The appropriate number will depend on the size of the studio. The capacity will be specified on the Group Fitness calendar when you go to book.

Q. How do I reserve a spot in my favorite class if the participants are limited?
A. All classes will require reservations. Reservations are on a first come, first served basis. You will be able to book a spot 48 hours in advance. You will simply book through the class schedule on the website or log into EmpowerM.E. If you find that you cannot attend the class, you must cancel within two (2) hours of the class or you will be charged a $5 no-show fee on your membership account. If you are at the Center and a class is scheduled to begin and it is not full, you may join the class with the instructor’s permission. If you are unable to participate in person because the class is full you may choose to participate virtually. More details on virtual programming below.

Q. Can I take more than one class a day?
A. We are requesting that members only attend one class per day to allow other members the opportunity to participate during this period of limited capacity class sizes and modified Group Fitness schedule.

Q. Can I bring my own equipment?
A. We have developed very strict disinfecting and sanitizing protocols for Group Fitness mats and supplies, following the conclusion of each class. If you are more comfortable bringing your own supplies, you certainly may. If you do bring your own supplies, we must caution you that all items must be disinfected before and after use, and please do not leave them unattended at any time.

Q. Will there be any restrictions on studio access?
A. Studios will not be accessible for use in between classes. Studio doors will open 10 minutes before the start of class. Participants will be requested to stand on the distancing markers set on the floor and check-in with the instructor to ensure attendance is confirmed. Post-class we request all participants to promptly exit the studio so we can begin our cleaning protocols and studio reset.

Virtual Programming

Q. What is virtual programming, and what services will be available?
A. Virtual programming is an at-home solution that will help you continue to lead a healthy lifestyle and stay engaged with your Center family, all in the comfort of your home. Services available include:

  • Virtual Group Fitness Classes: We offer a wide variety of Group Fitness class favorites that can be live-streamed and accessed on the Virtual Group Fitness platform, exclusive to members. To participate in virtual programming, you must have an active membership, update your interests in Empower M.E. and must register for the class.
  • Virtual Personal Training: Using the Zoom platform, your trainer will coach you through a virtual workout utilizing any available equipment or using only your bodyweight. It’s like having an in-person, one-on-one session. For more information, contact Kenny Tarr, Personal Training Manager (Princeton), at kennyt@fitnessandwellness.org or Peter Sassine, Personal Training Manager (Plainsboro), at peters@fitnessandwellness.org

Q. How can I access virtual programming options?
A. You can access the Virtual Group Fitness platform in two (2) ways.

  • Online via our website through the ‘Group Fitness’ button on the homepage navigation or through your browser via this URL: https://vod.gleantap.com/movofit/;
  • or mobile through the Movofit™ App by clicking the ‘VIRTUAL GROUP FITNESS’ tile.

You will be able to view the current class schedule and sign-up for classes through the platform. Once you register for a class, you will receive an invite. View this detailed Instruction Manual all about Virtual Group Fitness, including how to get started, booking a class, and much more.


Q. Will I be able to schedule an assessment with the nurse when you reopen?
A. Our assessment schedule with the nurse will be temporarily suspended until we can have a safe physical interaction and deliver a valuable assessment for your health and wellness needs. We will communicate with members when nurse assessments resume.

Q. Will I be able to meet with a trainer to receive a fitness orientation and exercise prescription/plan?
A. Yes. You will be able to meet with a trainer to complete your exercise orientation and prescription. Our trainers will wear masks at all times and will adhere to safe physical distancing guidelines while completing this service.

Personal Training & Pilates

Q. Will I be able to purchase and/or use Personal Training sessions?
A. Yes. We offer both in-person and virtual personal training. To provide a safe experience while conducting in-person training, we’ve implemented extra safety protocols for you and your trainer. If you’re still not ready to come into the Center yet or have a condition that prevents you from coming in, consider our virtual training option which is conducted from the comfort of your home. Please, feel free to contact our Personal Training Manager if you would like more information on the benefits of Personal Training and discuss which route is best for your fitness goals and comfort level. You can also purchase training sessions online through the EmpowerM.E. portal.

Q. Will I be able to purchase and/or use Pilates reformer sessions?
A. Yes, our Pilates reformer training is available. Our Pilates instructors are ready to provide this service while practicing safe physical distancing protocols and safety procedures. Please feel free to contact our Pilates Reformer Coordinator to discuss package options or to schedule a session. You can also purchase sessions online through the EmpowerM.E. portal.

Q. Will my monthly Personal Training plan still be billed?
A. All billing for Personal Training programs are suspended during shutdown.

Q. Will clients with Personal Training sessions set to expire be provided an extension?
A. Yes. We will extend the expiration date equivalent to the amount of time the Center is closed.


You must reserve a lane in the lap pool or “spot” in the therapy pool through our member portal, Empower M.E. You do NOT need to reserve a spot in the spa pool, however, we ask that members limit their time to 15 minutes, and there is a maximum capacity of 4 members at one time.

Q. Will the pools be open when you reopen?
A. Yes, the lap, therapy, and spa pools are open. Everyone must wear a mask when entering the Aquatics Center and while on the pool deck. Masks should not be worn in the water, as this is a drowning hazard. The CDC has declared swimming pools to be safe. Members and swim clients will need to make a reservation before heading to the Aquatics Center, as space is limited due to physical distancing requirements. Reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis. You will be able to book a lap pool lane or therapy pool time 72 hours in advance. You will be able to make a reservation through Empower M.E. If you find that you cannot attend, you must cancel within two (2) hours of your reservation, or you will be charged a $15 no-show fee on your membership account. If you are at the Center and a lane or a spot in the therapy pool is available because it was not reserved or there was a cancellation, you may use the lane or the spot with the lifeguard’s permission, but only for the amount of time, it is not reserved.

Q. Will swim package expiration dates be extended?
A. Yes. We will extend the expiration date for all swim packages equivalent to the amount of time we are closed.

Q. Will we be able to get our previous swim lesson time slots with our swim instructors or do we have to schedule again?
A. We hope to continue with the same schedules. Instructors will reach out once we are cleared to open and resume lessons.

Q. Swim team/comp stroke/parent child/group classes – will there be an extension?
A. Yes. We will extend the sessions for the equivalent amount of time the Center is closed.

Q. Will we still be able to attend family swim on the weekends?
A. We know how much our members enjoy family swim on the weekends. While we are directed to limit recreational activities in the pool for now, we are eager to bring back this amenity as soon as possible.


Q. Will Childcare be provided when you reopen?
A. We know how important our Childcare services are to so many of the families we serve. While our Childcare services will not be available right away, we are eager to bring it back as soon as possible. Once we reopen Childcare we will follow strict cleaning and disinfecting protocols, and we will operate by reservations to adhere to physical distancing guidelines.

Note from Center Management:

We hope you find these FAQs helpful. Please check back for regular updates as we continue to receive additional guidance from the state. The health and well-being of our members and employees remain our top priority. We thank you for your patience and understanding. Your continued commitment to your health is so appreciated.

Please stay safe!


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