As a 66-year-old male, I feel it is essential to keep my body in the best physical condition to maintain optimal health. We may not be able to control specific body functions as we age, (i.e. digestive issues, eyesight, certain cancers, etc.). Still, we can maintain musculature, balance, posture, etc. So exercise is the pathway to fitness. The way I see it, there are two choices to be made: exercise on your own with the hope of doing the correct exercises needed to maintain good health, or work in tandem with a trainer who is educated in accessing an individual’s needs and building an exercise program tailored to optimizing a persons goals and health. This is where Brian comes into play. He listens and is in tune with my needs. He explains why specific exercises are in my program, even though I would not do them. He follows a balanced approach to keep me focused on my goals and health. Additionally, paying for the help is a motivator. While exercising on your own, you may be tempted to skip days at the gym, but if you’ve made a financial commitment, you won’t blow off an exercise day if you’ve paid for it. And even if you can’t swing it financially for individual sessions, your membership still entitles you to hook up with a trainer to tailor a program for you to follow on your own after the trainer accesses your needs. So why wouldn’t you want to use the expertise of a trainer? They are there to help, so take advantage of their availability!