Devon Peterson


With a focus on fun, Devon keeps members motivated on the Exercise Floor. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in exercise science from Eastern University, and her personal training certification from the American College of Sports Medicine.

Devon specializes in circuit training with the use of free weights and body-resistance exercises. She also incorporates kettlebells and TRX training to keep sessions interesting. She creates safe, effective fitness programs that keep the mind and body guessing.

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In her free time, Devon likes to advance her own workouts. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, visiting the beach, and cooking.

Enjoy the challenge while achieving fitness goals. Devon’s workouts inspire her clients to better health.

Devon’s Success Stories

Sherri Petonic

I was working with Devon for about three weeks in the Booty Bottom class. After one class, I immediately loved it. After three weeks of attending the class once a week, I already felt better and was seeing physical improvements. I was so excited to fit comfortably again in my pants. I began to wonder what else I could accomplish with Devon. I asked her to start training me once a week. I love her training, which does not simply incorporate standard equipment. She challenges me. She includes a variety of exercises to work various muscles simultaneously. She understands my struggles, makes me comfortable about myself, and helps me achieve my fitness goals. Thanks, Devon, for all your time and support!

Salla Vainio

From the beginning, Devon listened to me to understand my goals. She created a program to meet those goals using her professional and magical touch. Through her fitness programs and support, I made huge improvements to my body in only 10 weeks. My lean body mass increased rapidly. I lost weight, and felt significantly more fit and overall better. Even my husband noticed the difference! I am so excited. I feel amazing about myself and fitness again! I love how Devon shares my excitement, takes my questions seriously, and uses her skills to continuously support me. I am so thankful. I can’t wait for my next nurse evaluation to see our results.

Kathy O’Neal

I admit I used to dread weight training. I found it boring, and wasn’t sure I did the exercises correctly. At my age, I am concerned with osteoporosis. I decided to work with Devon to add weight and resistance training to my workout. I have not been bored at all. I love the workouts she has created for me. They have been intense, interesting, and wear me out! Devon makes sure I do all the exercises properly so I achieve the full benefit of my resistance workout. Many of us don’t challenge ourselves when we exercise on our own. My workouts with Devon have challenged me and I love it. She is wonderful, and quite tough. Thanks, Devon, for kicking my butt!

Vivek Anand

I have worked with good trainers in the past, and have done a fair amount of weightlifting on my own. However, I’ve never seen improvements in muscle development as much as after a few months of working with Devon. She made me realize it is not just what you do, but how you do it. For example, I did dumbbell rows for years, but never built up my back muscles. Devon taught me how to maintain specific positions and make the mind-muscle connection in rows, lat pulldowns, and other back exercises. Now, I realize why many people aren’t getting the best results possible. They simply rush through, lifting weights without control. I’m so glad I’ve been training with Devon to take my progress to the next level. I recommend her to anyone who wants to build muscle and increase strength in a way that is safe and effective!

Michelle Farber

I started working with Devon because I wanted to lose weight and focus on getting healthy. She created a strength training and cardio program focused on those goals. Not only does she offer support at the Center, but outside as well. We discuss the other factors important to helping meet my goals, including sleep, diet, and stress. Devon has kept me motivated in all these areas. I’ve seen success! It has been so exciting and motivating to see my lean muscle mass increase, my BMI decrease, and other measurements go down. Literally, I can see what I am doing is effective. I couldn’t have done it without Devon!



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