I will never quit personal training. It has become part of my life three times a week since November 2016. At age 62, I started to feel old. I watched TV for hours at night and felt achy in the mornings. My doctor told me I was prediabetic. That was enough for me. I became a Center member and started training with Adam. My life is totally different today. I am strong, have energy throughout my day, and sleep great. Each morning, I wake up relaxed and ready for whatever the day brings. Strength training can be applied to every aspect of life. It helps you feel targeted and focused. Adam takes “personal” training very seriously. He is friendly and very observant. I never worry about hurting myself. He plans and executes my hour-long program with the highest level of care and sensitivity to my needs. He can do this because he learns as much as possible about me as it relates to training. He knows when and how to challenge me so I never get discouraged. Rather, I feel challenged and accomplished. Now, we are working with heavier weights and more reps for core work. I am never bored. Adam has had a remarkable impact on my daily life in just three hours per week. I never want to lose any of the benefits I have gained. If you are training, stick with it. If you are unhappy with how you feel, speak with your trainer. They have the answers! Thank you, Adam, for making such a difference in my life and how I feel about myself!



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