I came to Jeff as a formerly dedicated “gym rat” who devolved into a couch potato over the past few decades. No longer happy with the way I looked or felt, and too many years away from self-training to know my limits while in my 50s and out of shape, I thought it prudent to ask Jeff to help me train safely and effectively. I couldn’t be happier with the results! I lost 30 pounds and gained muscle, flexibility, and coordination. Jeff challenged me as a weightlifter while staying within safe (but not babied) limits. He varied our weekly routines, emphasizing core strength and total-body workouts, while closely monitoring my form and well-being. He demonstrated and explained everything. He was friendly without being overly chatty. He was an ideal workout partner as he retrained me to exercise properly for my age. If you are a lapsed fitness nut who has let years of physical inactivity go by, I urge you to get off the couch, walk (don’t run until you get back into shape!) to the Reception Desk at the Center, and sign up for training sessions with Jeff Esakov. He is a gem.



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