Kevin is an excellent personal trainer. I believe he can help anybody of any age with any particular physical fitness goal or challenge. He listens to your needs and goals and adapts your workouts accordingly. He gives you tough challenges, but always praises your efforts. He walks his talk. He has a phenomenal understanding of muscle and joint mechanics. Kevin demonstrates with straightforward clarity the right and wrong way to do any exercise. He thoroughly understands macronutrients and nutrient timing. He has been able to answer all of my questions about diet, exercise, and physiology– and I ask a lot of questions. He is very attentive. Most importantly, he has helped me take my previous knowledge, which was simply confusing me, and turn it into an actionable plan that gets rapid results. Within a few months, I’ve had friends and family spontaneously say, “Hey, you’re looking good! What are you doing lately?” Well, I lost weight, gained muscle, stand taller, and feel better. Is it easy? Of course not. Nothing in life worthwhile is easy. However, it’s infinitely easier with the right coach like Kevin.



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