I worked with Matt for only a handful of sessions after coming back from a herniated disc injury. Due to the injury and the time away from the gym due to quarantine, I had lost a majority of the strength I developed. I came to Matt with the request to learn some basics for hand balancing specifically to improve my handstands and core strength/bracing. Within a few short sessions, Matt evaluated my current abilities, gave me homework to do with every workout and taught me to brace properly and to build tension to protect my injured back during lifts. I applied the bracing technique that he taught me and a week later I was able to deadlift 205lbs. My previous PR at my peak strength was 165lbs, so without even touching my deadlift technique, Matt was able to help me tweak my foundation of lifting which I can apply to all my lifts in the future. I really think that I will be very successful in the gym because of my time with Matt.