I was still recovering after a decade-long battle with heart failure that required numerous open-heart surgeries and lead to a heart transplant. The heart transplant surgery was difficult on my body. After 18 hours of surgery, my kidneys failed. After a year of dialysis, a family member donated a kidney to me. The surgeries and powerful anti-rejection medications weakened my body. I made some progress on my own. However, the past six months of training with Johnny accelerated my improvement.

From my first meeting with Johnny, he clearly understood some of the health challenges I faced and my fitness goals. He knew I needed to be challenged but safely. Johnny checks my blood pressure before and after our sessions. He makes my time at the Center fun and productive. Our workouts are always challenging, diverse, and safe. Johnny is a technically strong trainer, but his caring attitude makes the difference. After only a few sessions, my wife began training several times a week with him as well. Johnny has become a fitness partner to us both. As a team, we are meeting our fitness goals.