Hope Smires


Hope brings extensive experience to her position as personal trainer. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in business/administration from Rider College. She spent several years working in employee benefits in addition to building a career in the health and wellness field.

She is a certified personal trainer, senior fitness specialist, and strength and conditioning specialist through the American Council on Exercise. Her primary group exercise certification is from the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, and her CPR/AED certification is from the American Red Cross. She is also certified in functional movement screening and TRX suspension training. Hope is ready to tackle your fitness goals.

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Hope works with clients to create customized fitness programs that meet their unique needs. She strives to help motivate individuals of all ages and skill levels to accomplish their exercise goals. Her personal motto to members: “There is Hope for wellness.” Hope’s clients accomplish a healthier lifestyle with the benefit of her expertise and encouragement.

She practices what she preaches on the Exercise Floor by making fitness a part of her own life. In her free time, she enjoys skiing, cycling, outdoor activities, and dance. She likes spending time with family and friends, traveling, and listening to music. She was previously active in lacrosse, field hockey, softball, tennis, and cheerleading. When it’s time to eat, Hope loves all kinds of salads.

Hope believes that exercise is the cure for everyday complaints like the blues, lack of energy, and stress. Her goal is to create programs that not only combat these issues but counteract them.

Hope’s Success Stories

Russ Montgomery

Hope McKenna is an excellent personal trainer, one who brings skill and enthusiasm to every training hour. I have worked weekly with Hope for more than two years with very successful results. My health and strength are better than ever. Hope will gently challenge you to do your best through a variety of routines, but unlike the IRS, will never over-tax you. Sign-up for training hours with Hope. You’ll never regret it and will enjoy every minute…

Sandy Williamson

Hope McKenna represents the epitome of fitness and wellness! Since day one of training with her, she has been 100% focused on me, making sure my form is always correct, she carefully and thoroughly explains not only how, but why the exercises benefit me! Her knowledge of health and fitness has helped me stay fit and healthy for all these years. Hope’s training, encouragement and professionalism has been an absolutely positive influence in my life.

Melissa Lucas

Hope has been my personal trainer for the past year, as well as the trainer of my two adult children. She has been absolutely wonderful! She always strikes the perfect balance between challenging her clients to improve and recognizing their limitations. Hope also has a warm, caring personality. She is a great person and true professional.

Pat Marshall

Hope motivates me to show up [on the Fitness Floor] and follow instructions. I pay to spend an hour with a beautiful woman who makes my heart beat faster! The side effects include increased stamina, strength, energy, and cardiovascular health. I used to take three different prescriptions for high blood pressure. Now, my physician discontinued two of them and significantly reduced the third. I’m very grateful my wife and I are Hope’s clients. Our improved physical and mental health are a direct result of her dedication, professionalism, and competence.



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