From the first day’s evaluation, Delilah believed in me when I didn’t, or couldn’t, believe in myself. When I started training with Delilah, my goal was to lose 30 pounds, gain some muscle, and rediscover my core, which had deteriorated after significant surgery. After three months of twice-a-week training sessions, I can happily report that I have lost over 25 pounds, gained muscle in my back, chest, arms, shoulders, and legs, and have stabilized my core. These changes occurred primarily due to the constant encouragement and direction Delilah gave me in the gym and the need, which she continues to share with me, to turn this journey into a lifestyle beyond the gym. There is no way I would have gotten this far this quickly without my sessions with Delilah, and no way that I would be on the cusp of reclaiming my old body and confidence without her. Thank you, Delilah – I owe you big time!