David Allen

Wellness Coordinator


David earned his personal training certification from the American Council of Exercise. He is CPR/AED certified through the American Red Cross.

After battling weight issues for most of his life, David decided it was time for a change. He began to focus on proper nutrition and strength training to regain his health and be an example for his children. This transformation led to a career change. After 20 years in the tattooing and body-modification industry, David became a personal trainer. His mission is to help others reach their health and wellness goals.

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David’s training methods focus on strength training, conditioning, and high-intensity workouts. He is skilled at helping members achieve and maintain healthy body weight. Personal Trainer David Allen keeps workouts fun and exciting, which contributes to his clients’ success.

When not on the Fitness Floor, David enjoys spending time with his family, building custom motorcycles, and practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

David’s Success Stories

Mark Little

David is a professional. He knows how much to challenge me, sometimes to accomplish more than I thought possible! I started with David 30 pounds heavier and unable to do two push-ups. I was growing heavier, weaker, and older. David helped me reverse two of those trends, and I feel like the aging has slowed. My doctor is impressed. My progress shows in lab results. My A1c level is normal. My body has gotten lean. Hopefully, diabetes is not something I need to treat anytime soon. David got me into Aquakinetics, which has been a real thrill. Everyone should try that. Training with David has been a good experience over the last 18 months. I plan to keep it up.

Josh Velazquez

Working with Dave was a great experience. He was receptive to my long-term fitness goals and gave me the tools to reach them. Whether you want to learn new workout skills or improve your form, he is the best person to help you. Dave is also personable. I recommend him to anyone.

Lester Eversen

I started working with Dave after an assessment and discussion of my fitness goals. He listened and offered professional advice. Since he had his own physical challenges, including weight loss, he understood where I have been and where I want to be. I found Dave friendly, warm, compassionate, and easy to talk to, which made a real difference in my motivation. Dave introduced me to kettlebells. Our sessions together were rigorous, challenging, and inspiring. I started with eight sessions and signed up for another eight-session package to continue our work. Seven months ago, during my initial assessment, I wasn’t able to complete a single push-up. Recently, I did a set of 40 push-ups. Dave helped me accomplish what I never thought possible when we began. I know my strength and stamina have increased, my heart-rate recovery time has decreased, and my attitude about exercise has improved.

Matt Rucko

Dave has helped me reach my fitness goals, which focus on weight and medical issues. He used his insight and past experience to shape my workouts. He helped me start on a healthy path for my future. I appreciate all Dave’s guidance on this journey.



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