Bobby Bonagura


Robert earned his personal training certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He is CPR/AED certified through the American Red Cross. Robert challenges his clients to become better each day.

His workouts focus on building a strong foundation by strengthening lagging muscles and increasing flexibility in tight areas. He believes this is essential for improving well-being. By building a solid foundation,

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Robert shows his clients an endless potential for growth. A competitive powerlifter, he also specializes in helping members train for bodybuilding events. Well-rounded, Robert knows the value of yoga as a form of exercise.

Visit Robert on the Exercise Floor for a workout to evolve your skills.

Bobby’s Success Stories

Kristen Hagemann

Bobby truly cares about his clients’ personal well-being and success. He is thorough and extremely knowledgeable. He teaches how the body works and how to increase fitness level. Bobby takes time to listen to your goals and challenges. He is constantly challenging me to be better while remaining positive and supportive. When I feel down and unmotivated, Bobby knows what to say to help me overcome that. He is very uplifting! Bobby holds me accountable and doesn’t let me off easily, which is what I need and want. He pays attention to my form and helps me feel confident when working out. I highly recommend Bobby for your personal training needs!

Sally Jenkins

I have experienced great success with Bobby, an outstanding trainer. He started me with the basics, which I’m beginning to understand on a whole new level. He is clear and thorough in his instructions and explanations. Bobby is wonderful about answering all my questions (anatomy, coordination of muscles, correct breathing, etc.) throughout our sessions. He adjusts my workouts to accommodate my limitations. He helps me work around them without pushing me beyond my capabilities. I’m using things he teaches me to improve my form in my yoga and T’ai Chi practices. I heartily recommend Bobby as a knowledgeable, understanding, and talented trainer who is a lot of fun, too!

Bobby gives you his undivided attention throughout your entire training session. He notices everything you do. He corrects you when necessary, which makes a big difference in your performance. He teaches you how to get the most out of each exercise.

Ralph Spicer

I trained on my own at the Center on a regular basis. I thought I knew what I was doing until I started working with Bobby twice a week. His focus on whole-body strength and flexibility, understanding body mechanics, and strict adherence to proper form meant I was able to get better results with half the weight I was using before — and with fewer aches and pains than before. Now, I use proper form in everything I do, from working in the yard to carrying my boys. I feel better than I have in years!

E Schoffelen

Bobby’s ability to communicate how to properly perform an exercise is amazing. I was new to weightlifting when I began training with him. I didn’t know anything about it. He taught me and I learned! Bobby showed me how to get strong without becoming injured. When I work out alone, I still hear his words as I exercise. He gave me the ability to tackle the Fitness Floor on my own. I travel and work out in different places. It is important that I know how to exercise independently. I appreciate all Bobby has done for me. I enjoy seeing him teach new clients.



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