Michael Goldstein


Personal Trainer Michael Goldstein exchanged the “corporate treadmill” for a career in fitness. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from Saint Thomas Aquinas College. Michael then spent over 25 years as a chief financial officer and controller in the architecture and engineering industry. He relieved stress through a commitment to fitness, where he became inspired to start a new venture in life.

Michael Goldstein earned his personal training and basic nutrition certifications from both the National Personal Training Institute and the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He also is certified in aquakinetic training, which uses specialized equipment to strengthen the body in the pool’s stress-free environment.

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An avid athlete, Michael’s basketball resume includes 15 years as a certified basketball official with the International Association of Approved Basketball Officials; a basketball player at Tel Aviv University in Israel; and a coach and trainer of his two sons’ teams. Michael completed the New York City marathon at 42 years old.

He specializes in sport performance training, with a passion for helping improve results on the basketball court. His success at maintaining an 80-pound weight loss reflects his ability to help clients reach their own healthy weight. His fitness programs focus on resistance and cardio training. He is skilled at helping all ages and ability levels.

In his leisure, Michael Goldstein enjoys spending time with his family, playing card games, traveling, hiking, and playing golf. Fun fact: He is among the one percent of the population to have successfully walked barefoot on hot coals.

Michael Goldstein prides himself on helping members successfully improve their lifestyle to achieve a long, healthy life.

Michael’s Success Stories

Nancy Silver

Working with a trainer has had a profound impact on my quality-of-life at age 82 years. Now, I combine my lap swimming regimen with resistance and Aquakinetics workouts designed by my trainer, Michael.
The combination of land and water workouts has improved my balance, flexibility, strength, and endurance. Recently, I almost tripped on a rolling briefcase while walking on a crowded Penn Station platform. To my amazement, I jumped over the briefcase and landed squarely on one foot! I never could have managed that before training with Michael. In addition, after a non-workout-related accident, my rehabilitation time was short and successful. The physical therapist attributed this to my overall fitness level prior to the injury. Michael not only trains me but also teaches me. This enables me to maximize my workouts. If you are looking for a caring, knowledgeable trainer, I enthusiastically recommend Michael.

Dina Vaz

I’ve been enrolled in the Aquakinetics program at the Center for over a year. After needing unexpected hip-replacement surgery, I was told the best rehabilitation would be water exercise. I discovered the Center and, over time, I realized how critical it has been in regaining my mobility and increasing my fitness. Michael expertly led me through the training process and helped me understand the benefits of Aquakinetics. This program has enabled me to rebuild my strength, balance, and core fitness with resistance training in an environment that is safe as well as challenging. After rebuilding that sense of well-being and ability, I now train on land as well as in the pool.

Elizbeth Anne Socolow

Michael is a very clear instructor in Aquakinetics, a water-based fitness program. He is kind and adaptive in his approach to training. I worked individually with Michael, then in semi-private training, followed by Small Group Training. He explains the purpose of each exercise and varies the pace to suit his client’s evolving skill level. I joined the Center after finishing the Cardio Rehab Program at the hospital, at their recommendation. Occasionally, I work on land with Michael as well. Michael is knowledgeable about the fitness equipment and responsive to individual needs. He is proactive and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Michael as one of the Center’s most dedicated trainers.

Elizbeth Socolow

Michael shares enthusiasm, knowledge, and clear explanations during his training sessions. I have trained one-on-one, semi-privately, and in small groups. I have trained in the water and on land. He knows all fitness equipment, and is an expert in Aquakinetics. He knows how to challenge you without being too hard. Michael knows bodies and their limitations. He is able to keep track of six people or more at once, modifying throughout so each person works optimally and at an individual pace. He is kind, personable, and well-liked. He is excellent at training all ages. Michael is determined to help others become healthier. Having lost eighty pounds himself and kept it off, he knows what is involved in getting fit. I highly recommend Michael.



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