Joe Smeck



Joe believes hard work is the key to success on the Fitness Floor and beyond. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in criminal justice, with a Minor in global security studies/emergency management, from Arcadia University. He earned his Master of Science degree in exercise science from East Stroudsburg University. He is a certified exercise physiologist through the American College of Sports Medicine.

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He specializes in helping athletes improve performance through fitness programs that focus on increasing speed, improving agility, and strengthening the core. Although Joe enjoys sport-specific training, he also likes to help non-athletic members increase their strength and fitness level for improved quality-of-life.

Joe and his training team help make each visit to the Fitness Floor a step further in your journey to improved health.

Joe’s Success Stories

Candace Mooney

One day, no doubt after observing my uninspired and monotonous workout routine, Joe kindly offered to re-evaluate me. I’m so thankful he did! Joe was attentive to my schedule, needs, fitness goals, and questions. He promptly created a new fitness routine for me. He incorporated new exercises, which took me out of my comfort zone. He expertly demonstrated the exercises, then patiently supervised my execution of them. He ensured my form was correct throughout. I am thankful to Joe for ramping up my dull workout. Already, I see and feel the benefits. Joe’s positive energy is always infectious. The Center is fortunate to have him as a trainer. I highly recommend him. Thanks, Joe!

Joan Marr

I met Joe while he was scheduling members for their training reevaluations. I needed some pep in my workouts, and to get on the Fitness Floor more. I was just taking some occasional Group Fitness classes. Joe’s enthusiasm is infectious. He helped me get stronger, more symmetrical, and balanced. He got me on a path to better health. I highly recommend Joe as a trainer – and a friend.

Judy Boland

Joe has been my trainer for approximately three months. He is training me for my walk on the Camino Frances. He focuses my training on strength as well as injury prevention. Joe always greets me with a smile, and encourages me through my weekly workouts. He is very caring, and considerate about injuries I had in the past. He reinforces my confidence in my ability to complete this epic quest. Thank you, Joe, for your unstoppable optimism. I will make this journey, taking one step at a time!

Maryann Post

Joe helped me achieve multiple fitness goals in a short timeframe. He worked closely with me to design a routine to build strength and muscle. He supports me, and challenges me in just the right amount. Joe also created longer workouts for me to do after our sessions and on days when I train alone. He has comprehensive knowledge of fitness and nutrition, and the science behind both. His charismatic personality, expertise, and attitude make him a fantastic trainer.

Cajetan Ojiaku

Joe is one of the best trainer I ever encountered. He is a good, honest guy to work with. I appreciate the amount of time he spent during our meeting at the Center. Joe’s exercise method is new to me. He outlined a fitness program just for me, and demonstrated all the moves. He answers all my questions during the training session. Thanks to him, I finally see results! My body feels great. I am stronger than when I started. I recommend him to all my family and friends.

Kelsey Finkelstein

Joe keeps me motivated with his high-energy level and positive attitude. He was attentive to my fitness goals. He helped me feel confident with exercise equipment I was not secure about using on my own. He never made me try something I was not comfortable doing. However, he paid attention to my capabilities to challenge me just enough. I used to go to the Center once a week. Now, I’m here three times a week, working out on my own, using the fitness program Joe made for me. Even when I don’t have a training session with Joe, he checks on me on the Fitness Floor, giving me high-five and singing positive praises to keep me moving.

Charles Appel

I give a huge thumbs up to Joe for the great motivational work he’s done on my behalf. Joe’s smile alone is a great pick-me-up as soon as I arrive at the Center. He is a good listener. His evaluations and follow-up have been inspirational. The Center has an ace trainer in Joe.

Larry Filler

Joe is a very enthusiastic person and a good listener. He developed a training program that addressed my goals, included variety, and made it fun! If I had an issue, he was able to modify my program to address it. I have made a lot of progress in my fitness program. I feel a lot better. I highly recommend Joe.

Nick Ballas

Joe opened my eyes to the positive results of a healthy core. I am amazed how much energy and strength I have after working with Joe. He always makes himself available for questions and inquiries. He is consistently positive, friendly, and professional. Most importantly, he understands how to make the complex more understandable and relatable to a layperson. Every day, Joe improves the Center environment and service level.



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